15. JUNE 2021 – The second batch of media coverage

Deaf Forever, review, interview

DEAF FOREVER – 9/10 points, review and interview

“”Ne Plus Ultra” has become an absolute highlight of the year, which lifts the Spiral Architect sound to a completely new level with new stylistic dangles. All seven pieces should freak the progger among our readers. And it doesn’t matter whether you are into tricky, technically demanding song structures, great John Arch-like vocal melodies, dark keyboard cascades or simply excellently worked out songs – “Ne Plus Ultra” contains all that and much more. …” Read the whole review and interview in DEAF FOREVER #42

– Michael Koshiek

Blabbermouth.net logo

BLABBERMOUTH.NET – 9/10 points

“Prog metal fans will go straight to TERRA ODIUM’s first grandstanding epic, of course. “The Thorn” is 12-minutes long and satisfies on multiple levels, from its bellicose levels of heaviness to the haunting keys that seep from slender cracks in the barrage of guitars. Steeped in the horrified bombast of CANDLEMASS and KING DIAMOND’s macabre theatricality, but executed with the effortless mastery of progressive virtuosos, it is both a phenomenal heavy metal song and an intricate, perverse construction of great ingenuity.

More than two decades on from “A Sceptic’s Universe”, these artful veterans have upped the ante once again. A bold soul might even suggest that TERRA ODIUM have delivered a classic at the first attempt. It really, really doesn’t get much better than this. …” Read the whole review here.

– Dom Lawson

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TIME FOR METAL – 8,5/10 points

“US prog friends with a penchant for bands like Fates Warning, Psychotic Waltz or Watchtower should definitely give Terra Odium a chance. The musicians involved are able to convince every follower of their music. The outstanding vocals and the subtle orchestration make Ne Plus Ultra so special. Although I’ve been able to discuss a lot of progressive music lately, no one bows down so nicely to the US role models as the Norwegians. …” Read the whole review in German or English (Google Translate).

– Florian W

Norway Rock Magazine logo

NORWAY ROCK MAGAZINE – 5/6 points, review and interview

“I like the album’s quietest track best,”It Was Not Death”. Here I am thinking Psychotic Waltz. The song is absolutely beautiful and Øyvind really sings with soul here. We also get whistles. And the part after that, my God, so epic. I actually get goosebumps time after time. If you like progressive metal, this can quickly become your favourite this year. …” Read the whole review in Norwegian or English (Google Translate).

– Ronny Østli

Obliveon logo

OBLIVEON – 9,5/10 points

“Because the individual parts go organically together and the “freckled” passages are never nervous or exaggerated, but fit perfectly into the compositions and the overall work of art. The seven long tracks remain exciting even during the x-th run and offer many details and features that are worth discovering. An incredible amount happens in the individual songs, but these still seem stringent and exciting, but never restless or even chaotic. …” Read the whole review in German or English (Google Translate).

– Michael Gaspar

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“An initial spin of the seven song, near 50 minute, album reveals a rather simple formula: aggressive riffs with an ambitious rhythm section wrapped in synth orchestration for even more intense density, with all a things leading to epic, technical guitar solos. Oh yeah. …” Read the whole review here.

– Craig Hartranft

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POWERMETAL.DE – 10/10 points

“What follows can hardly be described in words and pictures. Almost twelve minutes long ‘The Thorn’ is the grooving brother of ‘Into The Everlow’, the title track of the second PSYCHOTIC-WALTZ album. The way the guys vary with the dynamics over the entire duration is simply breathtaking. Again and again there are spiral increases that trigger a brief state of ecstasy when listening. Again and again I am surprised with unusual melodies and for me the middle part is the best piece of music in recent years. Unbelievable the intensity with which music is played here. Must be heard! …” Read the whole review in German or English (Google Translate).

– Holger Andrae