The band

Øyvind Hægeland
Øyvind HægelandVocals & lead guitar
Øyvind is known for being the singer of Manitou, Spiral Architect, and Arcturus. He has also done session work for Mayhem, Virus, Melted Space, Black Debbath, Pyrrhic, Lunaris, and Den Saakaldte.
He toured Europe with Satyricon and Pantera as stage manager and as drum tech for Borknagar. Øyvind is a multi-instrumentalist playing lead guitar in Terra Odium and bass for the extreme metal act Lunaris.
Bollie Fredriksen
Bollie FredriksenRhythm & lead guitar
After Bollie’s old band, Manitou called it quits, he focused on building his own studio and continue writing music. His studio has since done work for Den Saakaldte, Harm, and Melted Space, to name a few.
Bollie is the main songwriter in Terra Odium and has produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered “Ne Plus Ultra”.
Jon Phipps
Jon PhippsOrchestration & synths
Jon’s mixed background as both a contemporary metal guitarist and modern classical composer has led him to create virtual orchestrations for numerous bands on the international metal scene over the last decade, including Moonspell, Amorphis, Angra, and Hatesphere, in addition to working with some of the most prestigious producers in metal, such as Jens Bogren, Tue Madsen, and Brett Caldas-Lima. He is currently composing and producing a metal opera with the US-based band DiAmorte, and writing material for various other progressive and heavy projects.
Steve Di Giorgio
Steve Di GiorgioBass
Steve is best known for working with numerous acts such as Sadus, Death, Testament, Sebastian Bach, Iced Earth, Autopsy, Obituary, Control Denied, Dragonlord, and Charred Walls of the Damned, and he has performed on over 50 albums as a guest, session or full-time band musician. Along with his bass duties in Sadus, he also plays keyboards. Within his genre, Di Giorgio is respected for his highly technical playing skills. He is also widely credited with being the first bassist to bring fretless bass playing into the heavy/extreme metal genre.
Asgeir Mickelson
Asgeir MickelsonDrums
Besides handling drums in Terra Odium, Asgeir is a multi-instrumentalist and composer in the band Veil of Secrets together with Vibeke Stene (ex-Tristania). In the last 20 years he has played with bands like Spiral Architect, Testament, Ihsahn, Borknagar, Sarke, ICS Vortex, Vintersorg and others. In Terra Odium he also handles all design, web and social media.